MPM 1DI – Course Outline semester 1 2019-2020

Mad Minute Activity

Use the following Khan Academy Practice Links, organized by Unit and section number, to help you prepare for assessments during the year or at exam time. You can also keep track of your progress by creating a Khan Academy account.

 Textbook:  McGraw-Hill Ryerson Principles of Mathematics 9   Replacement cost $90.00

Teacher:  Mrs. K. van Lierop  


PD Days: April 3 

Progress Reports: April 27/July 6

Parent-Teacher Interviews:  April 8

March Break:  March 16-20

OSSLT: March 31

Semester 2 Exams:  June 18-24

Parents are encouraged to contact Mrs. van Lierop whenever they have a concern or question.  

Units of Study

Unit Title Essential Skills
1 Grade 8 Review Integers, Order of Operation, ratios and proportions, percent, Working with fractions
2 Polynomials
  • Use exponent laws appropriately
  • Collect like terms
  • Add and subtract polynomials
  • Expand and simplify polynomial expressions (distributive property)
3 Solving Equations
  • Solve simple and multi step equations (including equations with fractions)
  • Rearrange formulas involving variables in the first degree
  • Solve word problems that can be modeled with an equation with one variable
4 Relations
  • interpret the meanings of points on a scatter plot
  •  describe trends and relationships in data and make inferences from the data
  •  construct tables of value , graphs and equations to represent linear relations of situations
  •  construct tables of value, scatter plots and lines or curves of best fit for collected data
  •  identify properties of linear relations and apply these to determine if a relation is linear
  •  determine the equation of a line of best fit
  •  determine an unknown value of a linear relation using a table of values, the equation, or by interpolating or extrapolating from a graph
  • describe a situation to explain the events illustrated on a graph or vice-versa
5 Linear Relations
  • Compare the properties of direct and partial variation
  •  Determine and use various formulas for slope
  •  Understand that slope is a rate of change
  •  Determine if a relation is linear or non-linear
6 Linear Relations 2
  • Identify the equation of a horizontal and vertical line
  •  Graph a line in y = mx + b form
  •  Identify a linear equation in standard form
  •  Graph a line using intercepts
  • Understand the properties of parallel and perpendicular lines
  •  Find an equation of a line given: Slope and y-intercept, Slope and a point, Two points
  • Graph two lines on a grid and determine the point of intersection (POI)
  •  Interpret the meaning of the POI in a real world context
7 Geometric Relations
  • Describe the properties and relationships of the interior and exterior angles of polygons
  •  Describe the properties of polygons (eg, midpoints, diagonals, etc.)
  •  Illustrate a statement about a geometric property by demonstrating with multiple examples OR deny the statement based on a counter example.
  • Solve problems involving the above situations.
8 Measurement Relationships (2D)
  • Solve problems involving the areas and perimeters of composite and 2-D shapes
  • Determine maximum area and minimum perimeter of a rectangle given fixed information

Measurement Relati

onships (3D)

  • Use the formulas for the volume and surface area of a prism, pyramid, cone and sphere
  • Solve problems involving the surface areas and volumes prisms, pyramids, cylinders, cones, and spheres including composite figures
  •  Determine minimum surface area and maximum volume of square-based prisms and cylinders
  •  Solve word problems involving the max/min of geometric shapes



Course Work                                                70 %

Exam – June 18-24, 2020                        30 %

  TOTAL                                                       100 %



  1. Homework

Mathematical skills are developed in the classroom and are strengthened during homework and study sessions; difficulties must be discussed with your teacher – individually or in either small group or full class situations.  Be conscientious about doing your homework. See your teacher early about difficulties; do not let them drag on until the end of a unit


  1. Extra Help

I am happy to provide extra at lunch(except on supervision days).  Please drop in with your homework questions. 


3.Policy regarding missed Tests and Quizzes

Students are expected to write the test or quiz on the FIRST DAY back to school.  See your teacher to write your test. 

           In the event a student fails to follow through on a missed unit test, the teacher will:

  1. a)   Speak with the student to negotiate a new test date.
  2. b)   Communicate with the student’s parent or guardian about the missed test.

             Tests not completed after the negotiated date will be designated as incomplete.  The essential learning skills required for this test will still need to be demonstrated in order to earn the course credit.


  1. Policy regarding Attendance and Lates

The Waterloo-Oxford District Secondary School policy states that all students are expected to attend all classes and arrive on time.  Excessive absences may contribute, directly or indirectly to the student losing the credit. After the third late a detention will be assigned in the office or the math help room, where the student is expected to catch up on math work.

  1. Supplies

                   Bring to class with you EVERY DAY:

                             – Scientific Calculator(will not be used for some units)

                             – 3 ring binder with paper

                             – pencil, eraser and ruler

                             – textbook

                             – chromebook

**Note  Calculators may NOT be shared during assessments and will NOT be lent to you by the teacher. 

The use of cellphones, audio- or video-recording devices, digital music players or e-mail or text messaging devices during the assessment is prohibited.


  1.   Class notes:   Class notes and other important information will be available on Google classroom on the unit outlines. It is your responsibility to view the material and be caught up for the next class if you are away.   Please see me if you have any questions about the posted lessons and/or notes.