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Essential Skills

1 Exponents & Logarithms

·         Graph exponential curves by hand

·         Solve simple exponential equations graphically

·         Solve simple exponential equations using a common base

·         Solve simple exponential equations using logarithms

2 Polynomial Functions

·         Determine the degree and leading coefficient of a polynomial from the equation

·         Identify a function as polynomial from the graph and equation

·         Determine the zeros of a polynomial function from the graph and the factored form of the equation

·         Describe the end-behaviour of a polynomial function

3 Polynomial Equations

·         Solve a quadratic equation by using the Quadratic Formula

·         Solve a polynomial equation by factoring (up to degree 2)

·         Solve a polynomial equation by using the Factor Theorem (degree 3 and 4)

·         Connect the solutions of a polynomial equation to the graph of the corresponding function

4 Trigonometry

·         Determine the exact values of the sine, cosine, and tangent of the special angles

·         Determine the measures of two angles for the which the trigonometric ratio is the same

·         Solve triangle problems using Sine Law

·         Solve triangle problems using Cosine Law

5 Sinusoidal Functions

·         Describe transformations using the descriptors stretch/compress, translate and reflect

·         Identify the role of a, k, d, c in the equation:

·        Determine the key features of a sinusoidal function (period, amplitude, range, etc.) given an equation or graph

6 Vectors

·         Find the resultant vector (magnitude and direction) when adding two vectors

·         Find the resultant vector (magnitude and direction) when subtracting two vectors

·         Convert between true bearing and quadrant bearing angle measurements

·         Represent vectors given the vertical and horizontal components

7 Measurement

·         Determine the surface area and volume of composite figures

·         Determine the arc length of a sector of a circle

·         Determine the sector area of a circle

·         Convert units between the imperial system and the metric system

·         Use circle properties to solve for unknown measurements

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