Tell me Again how a Crush Should Feel by Sara Farizen

One Sentence Blurb: Leila’s Persian family expect her to be athletic, good at sciences, and, oh yes, straight; how does she tell them she’s none of these. One Sentence Review:  Funny, smart, insightful writing; it’s a solid coming out story.

Between Shades of Grey by Ruth Sepetys

One Sentence Blurb:  Lina and her family are imprisoned in Siberia. One Sentence Review:  Fantastic story of survival and courage.

What’s your favourite book?

In a short paragraph, tell KCI students about your favourite book. Name the book and tell us why you like it.  

Wolf Mark by Joseph Bruchac

One sentence blurb: Luke’s father is missing and Luke’s on the run from the Russian mafia, mad scientists and paranormal oddities. One sentence review: Fast moving, intense and totally enjoyable.: Luke’s fight to survive had me on the edge of my seat.

Golden Boy by Abigail Tarttelin

One Sentence Blurb: Max is a golden boy (perfect student, athlete and son), but his world is about to collapse. One Sentence Review: An utterly fantastic search for identity – real dialogue, gripping story, and characters you’ll love and hate.

Proxy by Alex London

One Sentence Blurb:  Knox is a patron; Syd is a proxy; they live in a world where proxies pay for the sins of the patrons, sometimes with their lives. One Sentence Review: Absolutely fantastic tale of a teen fighting to save his life.

IBOY by Kevin Brooks

Posted by Roesm2067 Tom Harvey is a normal boy. He goes to school, deals with bullies, has crushes, and even has his share of family problems. that is, until someone throws an iphone off a roof, impaling his brain, after raping the girl that he likes. So using his new iphone/brain powers, he goes on […]

Paper Towns – John Green

This book is about an eighteen year old boy named Quentin, he and his neighbor (ironically an attractive girl the same age as him) go on an adventure. This adventure consists of breaking into seaworld and putting fish in cars. At the end of the night Quentin is in love. Sadly for Quentin, she ran […]

The Comet’s Curse By Dom Testa

  The Comet’s Curse is a book about 251 teens being sent into space to save the human race. The twist in this book is that while they are in the ship there is somebody else on the ship killing the teens. This book is one for my favourite books.

Conqueror by Conn Iggulden

Posted by Anuj C. Conqueror was about Kublai Khan, one of the greatest Mongol emperors to ever live and this book explains his challenges in becoming Khan and how he did it as well. I found this to be an excellent book and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys action. Iggulden’s website:  

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