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Music  & Drama with Miss Bean!


Welcome to all students and families!  


I am looking forward to many exciting musical things happening this year!

Please visit this page often as I will try to keep you informed of the activities

in our classes, events and other information.

The links at the top will help you navigate through the various pages in my

website & other links that are important school and district pages.

Check out our school song “Raptors Rock and Raptors Roar”

Raptors Rock and Raptors Roar
by James Gordon

We start out each day
Ready to learn and grow,
To Ryerson we make our way,
It’s the best school that we know
It’s where our ideas take flight,
And we work hard to succeed
Our futures are so bright
When together we take the lead.

Raptors Rock and Raptors Roar
A world full of learning to explore
And when Raptors Rock and Raptors Roar
You’ll never know what is in store.

Respect and responsibility
Strong character is the key
Our school community
Is like a big family
Opened our doors in 64
Started again in Twenty-ten
We’re greater now than ever before
Ryerson spirit will never end.



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