Welcome Gr. 11 graphic artists and Gr. 11 painting & drawing artists!

AWS Units of Study

1. Introduction to Visual and Graphic Arts
2. Design & Composition principles
3. Typography
*Font Theory, file types, Vector vs Bitmap graphics, intro of the elements of design
*Communicative Writing, Redesign an advertisment
4. Vector graphics and Adobe Illustrator
*Vector graphics: shape based logo, scanning, pen tool/ tracing, paths & clipping masks
* Business Card Package, Popart Animal, WAYVE t-shirt
5. Bitmap graphics: Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Lightroom
*Bitmap graphics: photo manipulation, cloning, layering, colour correction, digital camera photo manipulation, photo restoration, non-destructive editing, using the drawing tablet, understanding resolution, RGB vs CMYK, print standards.
* P’aint enough colour digital painting, Art in Advertising photo-montage, Photoshopped Photos
6. Desktop Publishing: Adobe InDesign & Adobe Acrobat
*principles of desktop publishing and layout importing images & files
* Poster Design, Package Design
Adobe Acrobat
* Adobe Acrobat Professional; digital manipulation of a .pdf
* the Culminating Unit in this course will be to create a digital portfolio of the student’s body of work.

Ongoing: Resource File & Digital Portfolio
We will be doing on-going research/prelimary work and assignments in our sketchbooks/digitally to build a Digital Portfolio.

AWM Units of Study

Drawing : It all begins with drawing – Technical to Intuitive

The Backbone: correct proportions, strong gesture, accurate shape relationships and sensitive modeling.
The Means: technical media & tools; gesture, contour, mass, anatomy, proportion, elements & principles, perspective, composition, atmosphere, process, memory, perception, tonal to colour.
The Projects: classical figure & portraiture, architectural, still life, landscape & daily studies.

Painting: Express your creative self

The Backbone: colour theory, value/light theory, aesthetics, creativity
The Means: technical media & tools; techniques: traditional, painterly, glazing, layering, alla prima
The Projects: watercolour, acrylic, mixed media. Techniques which form the artists basic toolbox for exploration including: gestures drawing, blind and cross contour drawing, tonal rendering, mass and weight, and mixed media will be explored. A wide range of dry and wet media such as: graphite, charcoal, oil and chalk pastel, ink, wash and body will be explored.
*Expressive drawing- mark-making
*Extensive colour study & understanding
*Watercolour studies– a series of exercises to develop skill in this media culminating in a
*Acrylic Painting/mixed media exploration

How to Stay informed:
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Google Classroom – our digital binder
I will post all handouts, rubrics, and resources like exemplars, practice quizzes etc. in our Google Classroom.

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