Welcome Gr. 10 IAP art major Artists!

Welcome gr 10 visual art IAP majors!

I will be posting all resources and handouts in the Google Classroom.

Unit #1 – Drawing:
We will be starting the year with a review of different Line Techniques, some basic figure drawing skills, and some creative drawings intended to wake up that creative side of your brain from its summer holidays.
– The 5 Line drawing (pen & ink line techniques, creative composition)
– Art Is… (visual literacy/communication, review of composition techniques, review of dry media techniques)
Internet Research homework (written analysis of 3 different line drawings)

Unit #2 – Perspective:
– we will review 1 point, 2 point (interior and exterior) and 3 point perspective.
Home drawing: Accurately draw and observed space in interior 2point perspective. We will then proceed to fill in the details and shade in a water-soluable pencil. 

Unit #3 – The Gala Program cover:
A commissioned piece for the IAP’s annual Gala. Be sure to come up with an image that communicates the theme as well as represents what Gala is all about (an ECI Integrated Arts evening that showcases arts from all of the areas).
The cover can be done in any appropriate medium (drawing mediums, computer graphics, original photography, watercolours, combinations of mixed media.)

Unit #4 – Adobe Photoshop/Graphic Design:
We will be taking a surrealist journey to delve into the world of Photoshop. If you miss the dream journey in class, you may come prepared with a list of symbolic images (consider keeping a dream journal, or looking to poetry or song lyrics for inspiration).  You may wish to apply some of your new found photoshop skills to the Gala program cover.

Unit #5 – The Tessellation:
We’ve studied how perspective works, now let’s be inspired by Escher’s bizarre perspective to create a Tessellation.

Unit #6 – Intaglio Etching:
Taking inspiration from surreal poetry we will create an edition of intaglio prints.

Unit #7 – Fantasy Clay Creature:
We will create a spatially dynamic clay creature inspired by fantasy/surrealism. Consider the levels, textures, etc. from all points of view and to include your own stamp of creativity to the concept.

Unit #8 – Acrylic Synectic painting:
Canvases will be stretched & primed. We will be working on transferring the approved & edited preliminary study onto the canvas and then paint in acrylic. Special attention will be given to the technique of underpainting. This project will be due after the break, but MUST be started prior to the break. Phantom art will not be accepted. 

Ongoing: Resource File & Digital Portfolio
We will be doing on-going sketchbook assignments & home drawings as well as creating a collaborative Digital Portfolio. Both will be part of the Portfolio reflection in the culminating unit at the end of the course.

How to Stay informed:
Facebook – a place to share, collaborate, and network.
Google Classroom – our digital binder
I will post all handouts, rubrics, and resources like exemplars, practice quizzes etc. in our Google Classroom.

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