Welcome to my Gr. 10 arts and tech class!

Unit 1 – Colour Theory
– a review of colour theory through history
– The Adobe Photoshop Colour Wheel Assignment
Unit 2 – Additive & Subtractive Colour
– the differences between Additive and Subtractive colour.
– The Paper Sculpture Installation Photography & Lighting assignment
Unit 3 – Photography
– the ‘rules’ of good photo composition
– the history of Photography
– Photo Composition google presentation
– the digital darkroom/understanding your camera
– The Spell Your Name/Hidden Faces Photography assignment
Unit 4 – Surrealism and Multiple Me
– surrealism art history
– Surrealism/Multiple Me Adobe Photoshop Assignment
Unit 5 – Pen Tool/Typography/Adobe Illustrator
– understanding vector graphics
– traits of Typography
– The Choose the Right Typeface Assignment
– review of linear & atmospheric perspective
– The Stylized Landscapes in Adobe Illustrator Assignment
– Magazine Cover re-Creation Photography/Adobe Photoshop/Adobe Illustrator Assignment
Unit 6 – Norman McLaren 
– researching the history of animation/film in Norman McLaren’s work
– The Norman McLaren Presentation
Unit 7 – Music creation/Soundtrap
– intro to Music Theory
– Music Composition: Soundtrap Assignment
Unit 8 – Animation
– the History of Animation, glossary of terms,
– the Magic of Animation, the Principles of Animation
– 3D photos/Parallax using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe AfterEffects Assignment
– Text Animation using Adobe Flash Assignment
– Time Lapse/Stop Motion Animation Assignment

Ongoing: Resource File & Digital Portfolio
We will be doing on-going research/prelimary work and assignments in our sketchbooks/digitally to build a Digital Portfolio.

How to Stay informed:
Facebook – a place to share, collaborate, and network.
Google Classroom – our digital binder
I will post all handouts, rubrics, and resources like exemplars, practice quizzes etc. in our Google Classroom.

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