student riding a pencil“Success often comes disguised as hard work.”

• pens/pencils for written work and a good eraser
• Cahier Noir (black “keeper” book)
• planner – to record homework and important notes
• highlighter(s) (a study tool/visual aid for instructions)
• a committed “work ethic”

• pencil crayons (as needed for projects)
• French/Eng. dictionary (a limited supply will be available for classroom use)
• a memory stick or digital device ie. iPod/iPad

Each unit of study will relate to a specific learning goal. Students should be able to articulate the goal for each unit as well as the “success criteria” or elements required to be successful.

Daily assessment in the three academic strands as well as the learning skills may include participation, effort and attitude, aural and written tests, quizzes, projects, oral presentations or dialogues, oral reading, reading comprehension, or co-operative group work.

Mme Giannopoulos is available every first nutrition break in Rm. 20. Come alone or bring a friend. No appointment is needed. (Extra help in French is always delivered in English.)

Get help right away if you…
• have been or will be absent
• are having difficulty with a concept
• want some extra time to complete an assignment
• need extra review before a test

*Regular one-to-one assistance is always available during class time. It is important
that students take ownership for their learning by asking questions for clarification
while the teacher is available to help.

This is a time for the teacher to provide one-to-one assistance in the classroom, not to supervise behavioural issues. Students are expected to choose one of the following activities in order to make productive use of everyone’s class time:

writingpic• read a French book, dialogue, text, web page, etc.
• study verbs or vocabulary using flashcards,
mini whiteboards, or other tools
• catch up on any incomplete French work
• review grammar topics
• write a French blog
• study for upcoming French tests
• practise for oral presentations
• organize your notebook
• make up a study sheet
• add detail to assignments
• practise writing verbs in sentences