The WRDSB Head, Heart, Hands initiative includes 8 character attributes that will be a focus for our behaviour.

Classroom Guidelines

Poster from – Slight Imperfections

SpeakThinkposter• Maintain a clean and organized work area and classroom environment.

• Respect the resources and equipment in the classroom. Be sure to return all materials to their proper places after using them (ie. dictionaries, textbooks, folders, class library books, reference materials, etc.) and treat items gently.

• Listen carefully and wait your turn to speak. Do not interrupt others or blurt out comments.

• Wipe your desk after both nutrition breaks and make sure garbage is disposed of appropriately.

• Do not leave anything in the desks, especially notes, flyers and letters that should go home.

• Work quietly and respectfully during class time to allow everyone to get their work done and to access help from the teacher.

• Plan to use the washroom or get a drink during the nutrition breaks or before or after school. This will minimize learning interruptions.

• Be prepared for class each day with all the required materials. Plan for each block during the breaks.

• Tuck in your chair, straighten your desk and check for leftover materials before leaving the classroom. Don’t forget to check the floor around your desk too.

Remember – we share the classroom space so we must use our
BEST MANNERS and COMMON SENSE while we are at school.

Remember the SLANT method for active listening and engagement during class time:


Sit up.

Lean Forward and Listen.

Ask Questions

Nod to the Speaker

Take notes