Our Gr. 7 Choir travels to Wonderland to sing at the Festival of Music on Thursday, May 11th. We have been working hard all year to prepare for our performance.

There will be an extra practice to prepare our songs on Wednesday, May 10th in the music room at 8:35 a.m. There is no need to come early. As soon as you get in from the bus, leave your things in your locker and come right down. We’ll rehearse our songs until it’s time to leave for Track and Field. NOTE: If you are writing the Gauss contest, go to that instead. It will not count as an absence.

At Wonderland, we are singing:
Dona Nobis Pacem
Best Day of My Life
I am a Small Part of the World
Hymn to Freedom (Advanced Choir)

Make sure you practise these songs and know all the words. Videos and lyrics are posted in the Google Classroom. We are wearing our red Vista Hills t-shirts so wash yours after Track and Field ready for our trip on Thursday. Dress for the weather and don’t forget to bring a lunch. We’ll picnic before singing and then leave everything on the bus.

Looking forward to a great day of music and fun!

Mme G., Ms. Dicknoether


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