Welcome to Grade 9 Applied Math!

This course is split up into 3 cycles.  I will try and touch on each of the curriculum expectations during each cycle, rather than spend a long chunk of time solely on one topic.

The course outline and breakdown of the expectations taught during each cycle is found below.

Course lessons and homework are posted in your child’s Google Classroom for this course, please ask them to share this classroom information with you or you can email me (vittorio_folino@wrdsb.ca) and I will be able to give you guardian access to the classroom.

MFM1PI Spiralled Course Outline 2019-2020 WRDSB Student

Course Curriculum Breakdown by Expectation/Topic

Exam Review Questions:

Equations Review

Graphing And Linear Relations Review

Measurement and Optimization Review

Polynomials Review

Ratios and Rates Review

Exam Review Solutions

Textbook Review Questions

Year-end Cummulative Review (concepts in #7, 8, 17 not in review above)

Year-end Cummulative Review Answers


MFM 1PI – Final Exam Cover Page