NEW resource website!

After many requests to have “all of the stuff in one place” that I’ve shared on Twitter, I’ve created a resource hub to house curated collections of hyperdoc and jamboard templates sorted by subject area, how-to EdTech videos, how-to EdTech slide decks, multilingual resources, and trauma and wellness resources that I’ve shared over the past […]

Encouraging The Use of Home Languages

When I graduated from University and was volunteering in a kindergarten classroom in London, an experienced teacher once told me that the students’ home languages should not be used at school, and that she encouraged immigrant parents to speak as much English at home as they could with their children so that they could “progress […]

2021 Fee Assistance for K-W Leisure Programs

Kitchener Fee Assistance (from the City of Kitchener website): Fee assistance is available for local children and adults who would like to participate in city programming but may not have the full financial means. Eligible residents receive up to $300 per family member per year. You must apply to renew your Leisure Access each year. […]

Using Visuals: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Using visuals with English Language Learners is one of the easiest strategies to employ, yet it’s also one of the ones that we teachers can forget to use once the day gets rolling and the needs of many students come into play, especially if we are not particularly gifted or confident with visual art skills […]

The Extended Silent Period

Those of us who work with English Language Learners are likely familiar with the “Silent Period.”  This is the initial pre-production period of language acquisition, in which a student is taking in and processing a new language, but is not yet able or willing to speak in their new language.  Some children will speak in […]

Helping Children to Wear Masks

On August 17, 2020, the WRDSB approved a motion to have ALL students in JK-12 wear masks if they can safely do so.  Previously, the rule only applied to grades 4-12.  Schools will provide each child with five reusable cloth masks, but students may also bring their own masks to school.  Here is a collection […]

Introducing ELLs to the language of CODING

Now that we have a new Math Curriculum in Ontario that introduces coding to elementary school students in grade one, it’s time to share some accessible coding activity ideas for educators, parents, and caregivers to introduce elementary school students to the unique language of coding.  Our English Language Learners with beginner level English language proficiency […]

Trauma Responsive Back To School

As we plan for a safe return to school in the Fall, framing this transition through a trauma responsive lens will be crucial for the wellness and academic success of our students.  Here is a collection of resources that you may find helpful as an educator, parent, or caregiver who is thinking about the supports […]

Preparing for School After COVID-19: Dual Language Social Narratives

If you’re looking for a FREE printable or digital version of a book to read with your child that will explain some of the changes that may be a part of school re-opening after COVID-19 closures, please click on the link above or one of the links below that best matches your home language.  If […]

How to Avoid Suspension (Immunizations)

In the Spring, students will be suspended from school if their immunizations have not been reported to public health. Schools no longer collect this data, so parents must provide proof of immunization directly to Public Health. You can submit your child’s immunization records online at or by calling 519-575-4400 ext. 5001 (8:30 a.m. to […]

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