Did you know that full eye exams are FREE for students under 20 in Ontario with a Health Card at any Optometrist in the region?

Vision is of huge importance to learning!! Up to 80% of all learning comes directly through vision. Children with vision issues can struggle with academic tasks such as reading and writing, behaviour and social development, and physical activities.. The Ontario Association of Optometrists has teamed up with the Government of Ontario to offer FREE glasses to children in Junior Kindergarten who require glasses through the “Eye See… Eye Learn” program. Information sheets about this FREE program are available in 15 international languages (in addition to English) on the following website:


Older students who need glasses but whose families cannot afford to purchase them can sometimes receive a free pair when the school board contacts a local Lion’s Club chapter for funding to support the purchase of glasses through the “One Sight” program. School principals can contact Marilyn Oldender using WRDSB Google Mail to request more information about this program.

Our local Lion’s Club chapters have been very active in providing vision screening in public schools. The Lion’s Club is committed to helping people in our own community as well as overseas, and will gratefully accept donations of old prescription glasses.

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