ENG2PI                                                                                     Course of Study

Mr. Cvetich

Room 507

e-mail: joseph_cvetich@wrdsb.ca

This is an applied level course meant to guide students to Literacy Test level reading and writing skills. Through the 3 term units, students will work on improving their literacy skills through a variety of exercises and assignments. They will practice reading and writing the specific types of tasks they will be required to complete on the Literacy Test. In addition, they will review reading strategies, complete research assignments, work collaboratively with others, and develop their presenting skills. 

The course will make extensive use of the google classroom, where notes and assignments will be posted and students will turn-in completed work.

Term Work: 70% of Mark 

Unit 1 – Leadership and Protests

Students will develop answers to the questions, what makes a good leader? What are the different types of/styles of leadership? How can we all be ‘everyday’ leaders? What does a person/society do when leadership fails? How can we change our world for the better? The unit will also contain Literacy Test preparation: expository paragraph writing, opinion paragraph writing, writing a news article, grammar review. 

Summative assignments: Students will research on a current topic, then write a multi-paragraph rant; they will record their own oral presentation of their rant, ‘Rick Mercer’-style.

Unit 2 – Novel Study: Shattered 

Students will read and study the Eric Walter’s novel Shattered. The unit will include at least the following: oral and independent reading, content questions, blog responses, research questions, quizzes, and continued Literacy Test preparation.

Summative assignments: students will complete a 2-part assignment, choosing from a series of a) written options and b) media creation options.

Unit 3 – ‘Pop Culture’ Shakespeare

Students will study the background, language and influence of Shakespeare on modern, pop culture. The unit will include a study of the plots and key speeches of Hamlet and Taming of the Shrew as well watching modern adaptations The Lion King and Ten Things I Hate About You. Students will also examine the numerous components of a variety of social media and examine the style and language used for different purposes, audiences and effects.

Summative assignment: students will complete an assignment to show the relevance of Shakespeare to a modern audience.

Culminating Assignments: 30% of Mark

Students will demonstrate what they have learned throughout the course by completing 3 Final Assignments which will require reading, viewing, answering questions and writing and creating a variety of responses to the text material.