English 4UI: Semester 2 2020                                                                             

Mr. J. Cvetich

Room 507

e-mail: joseph_cvetich@wrdsb.on.ca

This is a university preparation course, designed to increase students’ abilities to conduct academic research, read in-depth, think critically, present creatively, and write analytically. Students are expected to engage in class discussion in a thoughtful, respectful manner; challenge their own thinking by selecting difficult topics; and work independently both inside and outside of class. 

Unit of Study and Evaluation:

Term Work: 70%. 

1. Toolbox/Prose Essays: 20%

Study of the various forms and techniques of the prose essay. Unit will include reading and responding to a variety of essays and employing a variety of devices in writing for various audiences and purposes. In preparation for the remainder of the course work, students will also review the MLA Style Guide, understand the issue of academic plagiarism, and complete 4 grammar units as part of the course ‘toolbox’. The summative assignment will have 2 parts: a sight essay test and a student written prose essay. 

2. Shakespeare’s The Tempest: 20% 

Study of one of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest with the ultimate goal of arguing for who the real William Shakespeare was. Unit will include a research assignment about Shakespeare’s life and times, instruction on note-taking and how to conduct literary research.  The summative assignment will be an essay outline, with students writing one, complete paragraph from that outline in order to prove their thesis.  

3. Group Novel Study: 20%

Study of a major 20th century novel in a Lit. Circle format. Unit will include a study of narrative style and structure, character and thematic analysis, historical/author research and literary criticism. The summative assignment will be a formal, academic essay using an individual application of a literary theory to an aspect of the group novel.

4. ISU Oral/Media Presentation: 10%

Each student will read ONE major work of fiction/non-fiction or its equivalent and complete a Literary Response and Oral/Media researched presentation on a topic of his/her own choice.

End of year, Final Evaluation:  30 %

  1. ISU Literary Response: 10%

  2. Final Exam: 20 %

Students will read an essay, then prove the truth of the author’s thesis in an essay style response. It is expected that students discuss and prove the thesis by making specific, detailed reference to their high school English reading experience. 

Late Assignments

All due dates for major, summative assignments are listed on the class schedule. Students must make an arrangement with the teacher at least one day before the due date if an assignment will not be completed by the due date. If a student does not meet the deadline for a summative assignment the student will be given a mark of 45 until the teacher has received and had time to assess the late assignment.

 Google Classroom

Most of the work for the course will be posted and submitted through the google classroom. Please check the classroom on a daily basis for announcements, updates, etc. It is expected that students will keep up on work when absent by referring to the classroom.