MPM 1DI – Grade 9 Academic

Math letter for parents

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Course Outline: MPM 1DI – Course Outline Feb 2020

Learning Goals and Daily Assignments:  Please note: The lessons listed below will be taught in a different order this year. I am leaving the lessons here so that you can reference them if needed.

Google Classroom code: xrcfmvf

Just for Fun: go to:    – try:  Alien Addition, Minus Mission, Meteor Multiplication and Math Monster Division (do a screen print of your results and show me for some extra marks)


Units of Study

Diagnostic Test:  Diagnostic Test


1) Review and Integers:  Getting started

HW pages:   Unit 1 Bedmas 1      Unit 1.1 Integers


2) Rationals  Unit 2 Lessons                 Rational Review Assignment

HW pages: Unit 2 Fraction intro,     Unit 2 Mult fractions I,       Unit 2 Mult fractions II        Unit 2 Add fractions I,      Unit 2 Add fractions II      Unit 2 BEDMAS with fractions    General Fraction Review


3) Exponents and Exponent Laws Unit 3 Lessons       Unit 3 Exponent Assignment 

HW pages:Unit 3.1 Exponent intro     Unit 3.2 Exponent Laws I     Unit 3.3 Exponent Laws II      Unit 3.4 More Exponent Practice     Unit 3.5 Neg Exponent Law      Unit 3.6 Scientific Notation I and II      Unit 3.7 Roots and Pythagorean Theorem I and II     Unit 3.8 Exponent Review


4) Polynomials and Algebra   Unit 4 Lessons

HW pages: Unit 4.1 Algebra Like terms      Unit 4.2 Adding/Subtracting      Unit 4.3 Distribution I        Unit 4.4 Distribution II        Unit 4.5 Multiplying       Unit 4.6 Monomials       Unit 4.7 Factoring and Dividing


5) Equations    Unit 5 Lessons           Unit 5 Equations Assignment       More Review 

HW pages: 5.1 Simple Equations       5.2 Two Step Equations        5.3 Equations with Brackets   5.4 Equations with Fractions     5.5 Equations with Decimals      5.6 Writing Equations      5.7 Writing Equations II      More Word Problems       5.8 Rearranging formula     Review


6) Graphing    Unit 6 Lessons

HW pages: Graphing lines using TOV       Slope 1        Slope 2    Slope 3


7) Lines      Unit 7 Lessons             Practice Test

HW pages:  Finding Equations I       Finding Equations 2       Equations of Lines 3       More Equations of Lines       Graphing Equations of Lines          Review Equations of Lines


8) Ratios and Linear Relations   Unit 8 Lessons

HW pages:  Ratios       Rates II        Applications          Graphing Applications          Intersection of Lines


9)  Geometry      Unit 9 Lessons      Unit 8 Review

HW pages:    Perimeter 1    Perimeter and Area     Perimeter Only      Area Only 1        Area Only 2       Volume Surface Area Rectangular Prisms      Volume Surface Area Pyramid Cone Sphere

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10) Angle Geometry     Unit 10 Lessons

HW pages:  Angles 1         Angles 2           Polygons 1          Polygons 2


EQAO Prep:   EQAO A     EQAO B    EQAO C    EQAO D    EQAO E    EQAO F     EQAO G


Summative Package:   Summative and Exam Review     MPM 1DI Practice Exam 1

Diamonds Are Forever    (This is designed to give a bit more review for some of the topics covered in grade 9 math. If you are planning on handing it in for bonus marks please do the work on a separate piece of paper and label each problem clearly.)