MCV 4UI – Calculus

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Course Outline:   MCV 4UI Course outline Feb 2020

Learning Goals and Daily Assignments:  Lesson outline Feb 2020

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Textbook: Calculus and Advanced Functions 

Vectors: Chapters Chapter 1     Chapter 2      Chapter 3      Chapter 4


Units of Study:

MCV Review         WS: Day 1 and 2 WS

1) MCV Unit 1 Derivatives    WS:  worksheets      Solutions to 1.09 (Extra questions) Part 1       Part 2     Rich Task Water Skier

2) MCV Unit 2 Curve Sketching

3) MCV Unit 3 Applications     WS:   Business WS         Formula        Related Rates WS

4) MCV Unit 4 Logs and Exponentials    WS:     WS 1    WS2

5) MCV Unit 5 Trigonometry         WS:  Trig Limit Questions      Derivatives of Trig Functions         Trig Functions HW 5.1 to 5.4        Assignment Questions

6) MCV Unit 6 Geometric Vectors       Unit 6 Review Assignment

7) MCV Unit 7 Algebraic Vectors

8) MCV Unit 8 Lines in a Plane

9) MCV Unit 9 Equations of Planes          Matrix Worksheet

Summative:    Course summary                  Calculus and Vectors Summative           Summative Answers  (with some corrections June 6)

There are a few errors in the answers.  Please see this list if you think you might be right and the answer wrong.  Revised List         link for sharing

Test Bank:  Test Bank for Review Purposes