Thursday April 18th

Yesterday I was absent because my daughter was sick.  She is having a hard time shaking her flu like symptoms. Thank you to the students for being so flexible with my absences lately.

Today was an AMAZING trip to Joseph Schneider Haus in Kitchener.  The students behaviour was excellent and it was great to see them using their knowledge of the 3 states of matter in the discussions.  A special THANK YOU to all of the parent volunteers who attended.  You make these excursions possible.

Home Binders went home today with the Thursday Thrash.

In math today we experimented with making different shapes that have the same perimeter.  Some students invented their own shapes.  Here are a few examples:

Trivia: What gas was released during the baking process that allowed the bread we made to rise?

Tuesday April 16th

Thursday is our big trip to Joseph Schneider Haus.  We leave promptly at 930am, so do not be late!

Today in math we continued to study perimetre.

In Language we worked on our book reports for the science fiction novel that students read.

Trivia: cm is for centimetres, L is for Litres, what is the symbol for Perimetre?

Monday April 15th

We are really in the Home Stretch now folks.  Already halfway through April.  How does time fly so fast?

Today in math the students examined perimetre.  They created a shape on their desks using 40 cm of string.  They calculated the perimetre to confirm it was 40 cm.  Then they imagined a similar shape with a perimetre of 60cm and 80cm and went about drawing that shape on their whiteboards.

In Language we made a class example of a book report about The City of Ember.  Students can use this example to help them create their book reports about the science fiction book that they chose to read.

In Science we began our final activity of our unit on the state of matter.

Trivia: What is one cost or benefit of recycling that we did not discuss today?

Thursday April 11th

A new state of matter?!? Check out this article for more information!


Remember that tomorrow is a PD day.  Students do not come to school.

HOMEWORK ALERT!!!!  All science fiction novels must be read by Monday.  If you did not finish filling in your graphic organizers at school, they must be completed this weekend.

Trivia:  What is type of metal was used in creating the new type of matter?

Tuesday April 9th

Homework Alert!!!  Any students who did not finish their blog today, need to do so for HOMEWORK!!

Friday April 5th

Please check School Day for information about our trip to Joseph Schneider Haus on April 18th.

Mr. Collins will be away on Monday.  I will check Home Binders and Home Reading on Tuesday.

Thursday April 4th

Spring Photo Day tomorrow!

Today in math students completed their assessment on multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100 and 1000.

In language the students completed a CASI reading assessment using the nonfiction article Where Black Meets White.

During science the students conducted an experiment.  They created a lava lamp using water, oil and alka-seltzer. Ask your child to explain how the experiment worked.

Check out this video to see what the experiment looks like:

Trivia: Did you show your parents your lava lamp?  Did you explain to them how the experiment worked?

Wednesday April 3rd

Today in math the students solved problems involving dividing decimals by 10, 100 and 1000.  Tomorrow we will have an assessment on multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100 and 1000.

In Language today we came up with success criteria for the Book Reports that will be completed for the Science Fiction novel that each student is reading.

In art, we used pastels to create images of far off alien worlds, suns and nebulae.

Today there was a question about what would happen to an animal species if there were no predators for them. Check out this documentary to learn about the Cane Toad.  It is a good place to start research on that question.

Trivia: What country does this documentary take place in?

And of course, the Simpson’s covers everything!

Tuesday April 2nd 

Today in math students worked on multiplying decimals by 10, 100 and 1000.

In Language we read a chapter of the City of Ember and completed a Kahoot to check comprehension.

During health the students began to examine eating healthy foods. They made a list of healthy and unhealthy foods.  They also researched some definitions of words like protein, fat and sodium.

Trivia: Name an example of a mineral found in food.

Monday April 1st

Today the students had an April Fool’s Day prank played on them: Grade 5 EQAO Pre-Test

During math, the students had an assessment on adding and subtracting decimals.

During language time we looked at the April Precept: “What is beautiful is good, and who is good will soon be beautiful”. – Sappho

Students are encouraged to be reading their science fiction novels every night.  Remember that they must be read completely by April 15th.

Trivia: Tell me something about Sappho


Friday March 29th

Today we had out monthly leadership assembly.  The theme for this month is Independent Work.

In math the Collins Crew worked on subtracting decimal numbers.

Language time was taken up by the assembly today.

In Science the students worked on their understanding of the properties of matter.

Have a great weekend!

Trivia: What is the word that describes a Solid becoming a gas?

Wednesday March 27th

Today in math the students worked on adding decimal numbers.  They rolled three dice to come up with numbers. In partners they created word problems with the numbers.

In language the students had the chance to read their sci-fi novels for 30 minutes.  Then they students shared with the class an example of why the novel they are reading is science fiction.

In drama today we practiced our dramatic readings.

Trivia: Give two tips for a successful dramatic reading.

Tuesday March 26th

Today there was a substitute teacher for the first half of the day.

Students continued to add decimals during math time.

We had a visit from the Grand River Student Orchestra today.  Students from all classes met in the gym to learn and hear about the various instruments in an orchestra.

During health time today we had to troubleshoot password issues on the Chromebooks. Good times!

Trivia: What family of instruments is the tuba in?

Monday March 25th

Only 6 out of 22 students did their science homework over the weekend and only 5 our of 24 brought in Home Reading today :(.  Parents, can you please discuss the importance of school assignments with your child.  The science experiments must be completed tonight!

In math today we started a new unit adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals.

In language students took a science fiction book out of the library for their science fiction project.  They have three weeks to read the book.

Trivia: What language was used for the greeting in CPR today?

Friday March 22nd

HOMEWORK ALERT: Students have a science experiment to complete at home this weekend.  You will find information about the experiment in their Home Binder.  Check out this video for a sneak preview of the experiment. 

This image will help students to understand the vocabulary involved in the various Phase Changes:

Monday is Break a Rule Day.  Each rule costs $1.  Rules to break: chew gum, wear a hat, wear pjs, bring a stuffie, 30 min of free time on the computer.  Proceeds go to Epilepsy research.

Trivia: There is a fourth state of matter that we have not addressed yet.  What is it?

Thursday March 21st

Today in math, students continued to work on their weather graphs, comparing high and low temperatures in Brazil, Australia and KW.

In Language we have begun working on Science Fiction.  The students read a story and made a list of the features of science fiction.  With a partner they read another story and presented their learning to the class.

In Science we have begun working on the 3 Matter- solids, liquids and gasses.  In a class discussion, students shared what they knew about the topic.  We watched a Bill Nye video on the subject and added to the list of our learning.

Trivia: What word describes a liquid becoming a solid?


Tuesday March 19th

Today in math students created broken line graphs individually using data given to them.

In Language we wrote more about the March Precept. Some students may have homework in this area tonight.

During health, we talked more about online safety and prepared a poster to highlight one of the following topics: Cyberbullying, Netiquette, Online Safety and Where to go for help.

Tomorrow is the French Vocabulary Quiz.

The Science Fair is coming up! Wednesday April 17th.  Look for information to come home about this topic tomorrow.

Trivia: Bring in a fact about Blaise Pascal, the author of this month’s Precept.

Monday March 18th

And we are back!  I hope that everyone had a restful, relaxing break.

Today in math we learned about broken line graphs.  Students created their own examples in pairs.

During language time we examined the March Precept “Kind words do not cost much, yet they accomplish much” – Blaise Pascal.

Students need to have their recorders tomorrow for Music.

Mlle. Schmidt wants parents to know that there is a vocabulary test on Wednesday during French time. Study up using this website:  quizlet.com/schmidjc

Trivia: Name a type of graph besides a bar graph and a broken line graph.

Friday March 8th

Happy March Break everyone.  Remember that students do not come to school next week.

Today in math we talked about making effective survey questions.  For example, the difference between asking Should we have a science fair at school? and Would you participate in a science fair if the school held one?

We spent a lot of time attempting to destroy bridges today.  The students made them very solidly.  Thank you parents for assisting with this project.

I sent home all of the indoor shoes so that parents could check if they still fit fast growing feet.  And to see if they are in poor condition and need to be replaced.  Please return them after the break.

In place of trivia, I am offering 20 points(!) if you send me a picture of you doing Home Reading over the break.

Thursday March 7th

Tomorrow is the big bridge day.  Students will bring their popsicle stick bridges in to school tomorrow for testing and likely demolition.  Some students have forgotten that there is a math component to this project.  Remember that each popsicle stick as a cost attached to it, same with glue.  You will need to multiply the number of sticks by $25 000. ($250 for some students).

Today in math students learned how to make a graph using the Google Sheets tool on Google Drive.  Their homework for tonight is to show you the graph that they made today.

In Language students presented their Newscasts.  They also filled out a Self-Evaluation on their performance.

In Science time today we watched popsicle stick bridges get tested on Youtube.  We refreshed our memory on the vocabulary that will be used to describe the bridge testing: Internal and External Forces, Load, Gravity, Compression and Tension.

Wednesday March 6th

In math today, students conducted surveys in the classroom.  Tomorrow we will put the results into a graph.

During language time today students figured out how to upload their newscasts to Google Drive.

Can you figure out the secret with my bizzare friend Harry Potter?  Check out the image below.

Tuesday March 5th

Today students practiced their recorders.  It is very important that recorders be at school every day 3 and day 5.

In math, students created graphs to represent to show the different cities that we were born in.

During language time, we read a chapter from the City of Ember. We also started a new blog. Any blogs not finished in class are homework tonight:

Our guest speakers today were fantastic.  Please check out this slideshow: Franklin Gr 5 March 19  Some students brought home the brain they made today.  The slideshow can tell you what each colour means.

Here are a few brain pics:

Monday March 4th

Bridges are to be competed for Friday and brought to school that day.  There has been some question about how much hot glue should cost – the answer is $50 per dab.

Today we visited the school library.  There are a few students with overdue books.  Please ask your child if they are one of them.

In Language today we worked on combining sentences with similar subjects and predicates.

In Math we had a diagnostic assessment on Data Management, specifically graphing.

Trivia: What are the three types of “scales” that we talked about today in math class?

Thursday February 28th

Today the students completed their newscast filming.  They have worked very hard on the process and should be very proud of their efforts.  They will need a little more time to complete the editing process before they show their work to the class.

We will be having an assessment on adding and subtracting. Students can practice their skills by using the Adding and Subtracting Word Problems slideshow on Google Drive.

All Home Reading Bingo for the month of February is due tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Twin Day.  Dress the same as your BFF.

Trivia: Who are the most successful twins in the history of the NHL?

Wednesday February 27th

Today was a beautifully snowy day.  We enjoyed our outdoor gym time sliding down the hill.

During math we went over some issues involving adding and subtraction.  We also solved a few word problems.

In Language we finished up our newscast filming. The students learned a few tricks with the iMovie program on the ipads for adding music and titles to their videos. We will complete the filming tomorrow when it isn’t Snowmaggedon.

I hope everyone gets home safe tonight and then stays put!

Trivia: Who won the Canadian Women’s Curling Championship this past weekend?

Tuesday February 26th

Today we had a visit from the Humane Society to talk about pets and pet ownership.  Ask your child about what they learned this week.

In math we worked on student created word problems involving addition and subtraction.

Students practiced their recorders during time.

We read two chapters from City of Ember today and began a new blog about the events of chapter 9.

Trivia: What is Lina’s job in the City of Ember?

Monday February 25th

Today we had another bus cancellation day.  11 students braved the wind and cold.

We watched a video today about the importance of giving clear instructions.

We also created our own Subtraction and Addition word problems.  We will solve them tomorrow during math time.

Feb. 27th is pink shirt day.

Friday February 22nd

HOMEWORK ALERT!!! Today the students received their Bridge Building Assignment.  This is an assignment that will be completed at home. Please open Bridge Building Assignment for more information. The bridge needs to be brought to school on Friday March 8th.  So students have two weeks to complete it.  Please contact me with any questions.

In math today students worked on an addition and subtraction activity called Square Sum.  They have brought it home with them to complete with a parent.

Please sign the Home Binder and return it to school Monday.

Home Reading Bingo ends on February 28th. Bring in your sheets next week to claim your prizes!

Trivia: What type of bridge is the new Victoria Street overpass in Kitchener?

Thursday February 21st

Today in math we solved word problems using addition and subtraction.

In language the students filmed their news broadcasts.

In science we began to research different kinds of bridges.

We also played this bridge game: http://www.physicsgames.net/game/Bridge_Builder.html

Trivia: Name a type of bridge that we did not learn about yesterday.

Wednesday February 20th

Today in Math we had some purposeful practice with addition and subtraction.  We used the standard algorithm and practiced our borrowing and carrying skills.

During our Language time today students practiced their news broadcasts. We will attempt to record them tomorrow. Students should bring any costumes or props that they might want to use.

During Drama time today the students built machines and sculpted human clay.


Tuesday February 19th

Today in math we discussed and practiced strategies for adding and subtracting.

In language we read chapter 7 of The City of Ember.  We blogged about what the mysterious letter might say.  Check out page 56 of this document for the content of the letter.

During health time we continued to focus on cyberbullying.  We watched a video where students had to make a decision about cyber bullying.  Students then made a chart to show what might happen if the the person in the video chose to bully or not.

Trivia:  Bill was answering a math question. He put one number above another number making sure to line up the columns.  What strategy was Bill using?

Friday February 15th

Report Cards went home today.  I personally placed them in each backpack, so they should make it home. Please return the envelope on Tuesday.

Tuesday?!? That’s right, Monday is a Holiday.  Students do not come to school.

Here are some great learning websites to check out this weekend:

Crash Course – https://www.youtube.com/user/crashcourse

Sci Show – https://www.youtube.com/user/scishow

Both of these sites are run by the Vlog Brothers -Hank and John Green.  They are very cool human beings who have made it their goal to spread learning far and wide.  I encourage you to check out their videos.  Each site has a For Kids section as well.

No trivia today – BUT – 5 points if you tell me about a video from those sites that you enjoyed watching.

Thursday February 14th

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today we watched two videos about construction failures.  Check them out below.

In math we had an algebra assessment. Expect to see results tomorrow.

Report Cards go home tomorrow!!

Trivia: What type of bridge was the Tacoma Narrows Bridge?

Wednesday February 13th

We had 11 students in the Collins Crew today.  I hope everyone enjoyed their Ice Day yesterday and No Bus Day today.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. If you did not get a class list to add names to your valentines, you can use the CPR presentation list to help you.  If you bring a valentine for one person, bring one for everyone.

If you are bringing treats tomorrow, please include the ingredients.  We have 25 students tomorrow. (One on holidays)

We also have Learning Buddies tomorrow, so feel free to bring something for your buddy as well.

Trivia: Tell me something about the origin of Valentine’s Day.

Monday February 11th

Homework Alert: If any student did not complete their blog during class time, it becomes homework tonight.

Use these images to help you:

We will be having a math assessment tomorrow.  The topic is algebra.

Trivia: What is Cyberbullying?

Friday February 8th

Today we had the Dance-a-Thon at Franklin.  Students were fortunate to have two chances to attend the event.

We had our first student lead CPR meeting today.  Congratulations to the brave students who went first!

We will be filming our news broadcasts next Tuesday and Wednesday.  Please bring any costumes and props that are needed on those days.

Report Cards come home soon!

Please read the Friday Flash with your child.  Ask the questions on the back and do the Number String together as a family.

Home Reading Bingo goes until the end of February.

Thursday February 7th

I hope everyone enjoyed their Ice Day yesterday.

HOMEWORK ALERT!!!!  Today we wrote about the February Precept.  If students did not finish the writing in class, it is to be completed for HOMEWORK.  See the image below for ideas:

We will be delaying the filming of our news reports until next week due to the weather this week.  Wednesday and Thursday will be the days we film.

In Science today the students made their own examples of Forces acting on structures.  Ask your child what they did.

In math today we continued to learn about algebra.

Trivia: m + 11 = 20.  What is the value of m?

Tuesday February 5th

This week in math we have started to learn about algebra.  Ask your child what we did in math today.

In Language we continue to work on our news broadcasts.  Tomorrow we hope to do some filming, so bring any props and costumes you might want.

We saw a cool video about magnetic forces today. Check it out.

Trivia: Why does the Earth have a magnetic field?

Friday February 1st

Happy February!  Time is just flying by.

Today we had our monthly spirit assembly.  This month’s theme is Initiative.  Ask you child how they can demonstrate initiative at home and at school.

We visited the school library today.

Mrs. Morton reports that the class did a great job in gym today playing basketball.

We learned how to play Scrabble today, as it replaces Boggle as the word game for Daily 5.  If you have Scrabble at home, please practice playing over the weekend.

Trivia: What is the longest bridge in Canada?

Thursday January 31st 

Tomorrow is Character Day – remember to dress as your favourite character.

Today in Science we watched a series of videos that showed internal and external forces. The students watched the videos and then presented to the class their ideas about what the internal and external forces were.

In Math we had an assessment on estimating and comparing Whole Numbers.

We had Learning Buddies today and helped them to place 1 digit numbers on a number line.

We also had a class discussion about the importance of paying attention.


Wednesday January 30th

Friday is “Character Day” – students dress up as their favourite character from a book, movie or TV show.

Today in Science we defined the term “Force”. We also learned great science vocabulary like Tension, Compression and Torsion.

In Math we explored the idea of 100 000.

In Language we continued to work on our news broadcasts.  Today the students focused on the introduction and the weather report.

Basketball tryouts for boys and girls are being held at second break this week.

We learned about the concept of Land Acknowledgement. Check out the following videos for more info:

Tuesday January 29th

Today we began our first Drama activities of the school year.  Students learned the rules for charades and acted out several clues to a partner and to the class.

In math we continue to work on ordering 5 digit numbers.  Today we looked at stadium capacity for football and hockey teams and put them in order from least to greatest or greatest to least.

In language we are working on a media activity.  Students are creating a new broadcast about a major snow event in Kitchener. This is connected to our science unit on forces and structures.

We had outdoor gym today and we hit the hill for some sledding.

Students are allowed to bring sleds to school.  They are to be kept in the bike rack area and not brought into the school.

Trivia: Which 3 Canadian cities have hosted the Olympics?

Monday January 28th

How is it already almost the end of January?!?

Today students worked on putting 5 digit numbers onto number lines during math time.

During language time we read a chapter from City of Ember and completed a blog post about it.  Students who did not finish their blog posts during class time need to complete it for homework.  Here is an image of the questions to answer.

In gym today the students practiced their basketball shooting skills.

In Science students learned about joists, beams, trusses, studs and other parts that make up the frame of a structure.

Thursday January 24th

Tomorrow is a PD day.  Students do not come to school.  I will be at school all day tomorrow if parents need to contact me.

Remember to read the Thursday Thrash and to sign the Home Binders.

The Silver Birch Reading Club begins on Monday.  Junior students need to read 5 of the selected novels over the course of 12 weeks and then vote for their favourite.  Every Collins Crew member who particiates will get to have a special lunch party with Mr. Collins.

Basketball tryouts are next week for both boys and girls.

Trivia: Who invented Basketball?

Wednesday January 23rd

Today we finished up our Forces of Nature presentations.

In math we looked for mystery numbers using number column clues.

We had an assembly today to discuss the Dance-a-Thon.  Fundraising forms will go home tomorrow.

In French, students are finishing up their restaurant menus.

Trivia (by demand!) Today in class we asked who was Prime Minister before Justin Trudeau.  The answer was Stephan Harper.  For today’s trivia, I would like to know who was Prime Minister before Stephan Harper.

Tuesday January 22nd

Today students began to present the work they have done on Natural Forces.

In math we took 5 digit numbers and wrote them in Standard, Expanded and Written Form.

Today was the last day to work on the biography project in class.  Anyone not finished will need to complete the work for homework.

Remember: Friday is a PD day.

Monday January 21st

Today we looked at a video showing last night’s Lunar Eclipse and talked about our experiences viewing it.

In math we converted 3 and 4 digit numbers from standard form into written form.

During our language time, students were completing their work on the biography projects.

We stayed in doors all day today due to the extreme cold.


Friday January 18th

Today was the students last chance to work on their Forces of Nature slideshows.  They can be completed for homework if they are not done.

Please remember to empty the Home Binders after reading the Friday Flash.

There will be a BLOOD MOON lunar eclipse on Sunday night.  11:30pm will be the best time to check it out.  Ask your child to explain how a blood moon works!

Wednesday January 16th

Today we visited with our learning buddies and helped them to create shape books.

In math we used number columns to help us understand dividing by 10.

In Science students continued to work on their slideshows.

Tomorrow we have library time.  Please bring back an books that are due.

Point Trivia: What is the name of the scale used to measure the severity of Earthquakes?

Tuesday January 15th

Today we began a new unit in math on Representing Whole Numbers.  Students are writing numbers in Standard, Expanded and Written Form.

We did an extra period of art today to work on our shadowing drawing.  I think we are finally getting the hang of it.

In Language we began our new Read Aloud book: City of Ember.  The students enjoyed the first chapter and answered some comprehension questions.

Point Trivia:  How are Tornadoes measured?  Hint: The word “scale” is involved.

Monday January 14th

Can you believe we are halfway through January already?  Wow.  Does time ever fly!

Today we finished up our work on angles with an assessment.  Students used protractors to create and measure angles.

In language students worked on their Worry Blogs, as well as getting in some research for their biography projects.

In art, we worked on drawing objects with shadows.

Pizza day tomorrow!

Point Trivia: What Natural Force came tearing through my hometown of Barrie on May 31st, 1985?

Thursday January 10th

Today the students had an excellent period in the library where they collected resources for their various projects.

Math also went really well today.  I am impressed with the way that students are persevering in learning how to use a protractor.

I will be absent tomorrow for a medical appointment. I look forward to hearing great things from the Substitute Teacher.

Tuesday January 8th

Welcome back from holidays! I was absent yesterday for Jury Duty.  We had a big class discussion about that process today, so do not be surprised to be asked further questions at home tonight.

Today we began a new science unit on Forces Acting on Structures.  The first force we are going to examine is the Force of Nature.  Students will be preparing a slideshow on one of the following: hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis and volcanoes. Check out this slideshow example:  Earthquakes!

In Math we have begun looking at angles.  Students have learned the types of angles (right, straight, obtuse and acute) and are practicing using a protractor to measure and create angles.

In Language, students chose a subject for their biography writing.  Ask them who they chose.


Friday December 21st

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays!  I hope everyone has a safe and happy break.  Thank you for all of the gifts that I received today.

Thursday December 20th

What a performance!  The students in Room 10 did an amazing job at the concert today.  I have heard so many compliments from the rest of the staff.  Everyone should be very proud of their efforts. Thank you to parents for coming to see the show.

Tomorrow is the last day of school for 2018.  If you are bringing treats in, remember – no nuts.  Also, if you make home baked goods, please bring a list of ingredients with you.

Trivia: Tomorrow is the last day of school, but December 21st is special for another reason.  What is that reason? 5 points.

Tuesday December 18th

Only 3 more days to go!  We can make it.

Today the students had an assessment in math on elapsed time. In language we wrote a biography of Tommy Douglas using research we had gathered as a class.

If anyone would like to send in snack for a holiday party, please do so on Friday.  We will use the last block of the day to celebrate the holiday.

Trivia: Today we learned that school is 6 hours and 20 minutes long.  We leave at 3:40 pm each day.  How much time elapses before we come back the next morning at 9:20 am?

Monday December 17th

My little girl is 3 years old today!  Time sure flies!

Parents are invited to the Holiday Concert on Thursday.  The show starts at noon and we go on first!  Keep practicing at home!

Trivia:  What Federal Political Party was Tommy Douglas the first leader of?  5 points.


Friday December 14th

The Friday Flash went home today with the Home Binders.

We worked on our final blog for the novel “Vote”.  If students did not finish in class then the blog needs to be completed for homework.  Use the following images to help you:

Trivia: For 10 points (A great start to the week) tell me who the top three Greatest Canadians are, as chosen by the CBC in 2004. Hint – We have been talking about one of them a lot lately!

Wednesday December 12th

Our practice for Run Run Rudolph is coming along nicely.  Today we learned some actions to go along with the lyrics.

Our morning went really well. Students were quiet as church mice completing writing tasks!

Tonight’s point grab: 10 points if you tell me something about Tommy Douglas that I do not already know!

Tuesday December 11th

Today we continued to practice our song for the Holiday concert next week.  We are performing on Thursday December 20th at approx. 12pm. Parents are invited.  Please practice the song at home as often as possible.

In math we had a decimal assessment.  The students were asked to put decimals in order from least to greatest and to decide which decimal in pair was the greatest.

In language we continued our work on biographies.  Students learned how to put their information into chronological order using a timeline.

Monday December 10th

WASH YOUR HANDS!! There was something going around the class today as several students went home sick and others barely made it through the day.  Get lots of rest tonight.  Drink plenty of fluids!

Today we had an amazing experience making our Friendship Boxes to send up north to students in Sioux Lookout.

Thank you, families, for donating so many wonderful items.  We had so many donations.  As a pod we filled 30 boxes!

In math we worked on comparing and ordering decimals.  Students looked at Long Jump results and ordered the competitors based on the length of their jumps.

10 points if you can name the First Nation whose traditional land we are standing on at Franklin.  https://native-land.ca/

Friday December 7th

Thank you to everyone who came out to Family Night last night.  It was great to see so many Collins Crew members and their families.

For our Christmas Concert this year we are going to be singing Run Run Rudolph by Chuck Berry.

Students can start learning the song now.  We will be practicing at the end of each day all next week.

The Friday Flash came home today.  Please remember to sign the Home Binder.

Monday is the last day for the Friendship Box donations.  Thank you for your generosity so far.


Wednesday December 5th

Tomorrow is Family Day.  The food trucks will be opening at 530.  The event begins at 6pm.  Goes until 730pm.  Come to Room 10 to play Boggle.

In Math today we rounded decimal numbers to the closest tenth.

In Social Studies we continued to work on our government slideshows.

Points!  5 points to the first student to tell me what level of government is responsible for Health Care.

Bonus Point if you can name the former Saskatchewan Premier who introduced Universal Health Care to Canada. (Hint: He is my favourite Canadian)

Monday December 3rd

Today we learned about decimals in math.

We discussed the Monthly Precept “Fortune Favours the Bold”.

We did a cool project in art.

Folded Paper Art

Congratulations to the Yellow Group for getting the points on Friday’s riddle.  The answer was: A bed.

Today’s 5 point trivia question: Who is this famous Canadian featured on the new ten dollar bill?

Story image for canadian ten dollar bill from Globalnews.ca

Extra point if you can tell me what level of government creates bills like this.

Friday November 30th

Today was Comic Con and it was a HUGE success. Thank you to parents for coming to visit us.  Thank you to students for working so hard on your comics!

Wednesday next week will be picture retake day.  If you missed your picture or would like a new one, then this is your chance.

5 points to the first student who comes to school with the answer to this riddle:  What has one head, one foot and four legs?

Thursday November 29th

Today was Rock Star Day.  It was great to see students dressed up as their favourite rock stars.  Look for pictures in their emails soon.

Tomorrow is Comic Con – parents are invited to visit the school between 1pm and 2pm. Remember to send your child with their costume!

Family Day is next Thursday after school.  There will be food trucks in the parking lot starting at 530pm so you will have a chance to eat.  There are many great prizes as well.

Wednesday November 28th

Tomorrow is Rock Star Day – dress like your favourite rock star.

Students are encouraged to bring in their Comic Con costumes so that we can work on them tomorrow.

Any comics that are unfinished should have come home tonight for students to work on.

Parents are invited to Comic Con on Friday.  We will be in the gym between 1pm and 2pm.

Tuesday November 27th

Today we visited the Library for a Book Fair preview.  The students filled in a wish list of what they wanted at the book fair, so expect them to beg for money tonight.  Item at the book fair can be purchased Wed – Fri.

In math we continued to work on Probability.

In Social Studies we learned a little bit about the responsibilities of government.

Tomorrow we have Learning Buddies.

How are those Comic Con costumes coming along?

Monday November 26th

COMIC CON is on Friday.  All parents are invited.  The students are working very hard to complete their comic books.  Remember that costumes can be worked on at home.  We have capes and masks at the school.  Anything else your child needs is up to you!

Today we watched the latest Mars Rover, Insight, land on the surface of our red neighbour.  It was a very exciting moment and the students were pumped to see it.  Thank you to the Carr family for sending in the link.

In math we did an experiment related to probability and spinners.

Thank you to parents for getting the recorder orders in.

Thank you to all families who donated winter hats.  They were donated to the Salvation Army via the Kitchener Rangers radio crew of Mike Farwell and Chris Pope.  Check out their Twitter feed for more.


Friday November 23rd

We collected 39 toques this week. Thank you Room 10 and Franklin Staff.

Today in Math we continued to experiment with probability.  We used number cubes and rolled them 30 times each.  Here are the whole class results:

We are only getting 5 or 6 Home Reading duotangs returned each day.  Please make an effort this weekend to read with your child and return the duotang to school on Monday with the Home Binder.


Tuesday November 20th

Room 10 is collecting toques this week to donate to the Salvation Army. There is a story behind this. As some of you know, I am a Kitchener Rangers fan.  At the game on Friday a player scored a hat-trick. And no one threw a hat on the ice.  Needless to say people were appalled. The players mother tweeted a request to fans to make up for it by donating a warm hat to people in need this winter. If you are able and would like to participate, I will be collecting until Friday.  

Today we had a great discussion around the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  Students had lots of questions and interesting insights.  I suggest bringing the subject up tonight to continue the discussion at home.

Check out this video we watched on the subject: https://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/const/page-15.html

Monday November 19th

Today we really worked a lot on our Comic Books.  Students used Language time to get their stories started.  During art time they worked on the cardboard cutouts of their characters. Comic Con is a week from Friday.  Are you getting your costumes ready?

During math we worked on probability again.  This time students completed a problem involving spinners.

The classroom cleanup went really well at the end of the day.

Family Night is coming on December 6th.  This will be a great chance to come into the school in the evening and participate in activities as a family.

Thursday November 15th

Tomorrow is a PD Day.  Students do not come to school.

It is never too late to book a parent teacher interview.  Use the Contact tab to access my phone extension and email.

Today in math we talked about the language of probability.  Words such as: likely, unlikely, possible, impossible and outcome.  Students completed a subtraction activity and listed the possible outcomes from their calculations.

Drive safe tonight.  It looks like we are going to have some bad weather.


Wednesday November 14th

Tomorrow is Break a Rule Day.  Please see Tuesday’s post for the list of rules that can be broken.  Proceeds go to our literacy fund.

Today we began a new math unit on Probability. Check out this website: https://www.random.org/dice/?num=1 and ask your child to show you the experiment we performed today.


Tuesday November 13th

Tomorrow we have our bus evacuation drill.

Please remember to send indoor and outdoor footwear with your child.

Library Day is tomorrow.  Please return books that are due.

Thursday is Break a Rule Day.  $1 per rule.  The following rules can be broken:

Wearing a hat

Wearing PJs

Bringing a stuffy

Chewing gum – students must bring their own gum

Free time – 30 minutes

Monday November 12th

Progress Reports went home today.  Please return the envelope to the school tomorrow.

I still have lots of space available for interviews on Thursday and Friday.

Today in math we compared Decimals and Fractions.  Take a look at some of our work:

Friday November 9th

As Winter is upon us, students will need to have indoor and outdoor footwear.  This is mandatory.  No boots can be worn in the gym or the classroom.  It would also be a good idea to send extra socks for wet days like today.

Today we learned how to draw superheroes. Check out this video for more:

Wednesday November 7th

Tomorrow is our Field Trip to the Waterloo Region Museum.  Please dress for the weather.  We are going to be leaving at 940 and returning at 1205.  Eat a big breakfast.  We will not be eating lunch at the regular time.

Thank you to the parent volunteers who will be helping out tomorrow.  We appreciate your support!

Today in math we were working on counting forwards and backwards by 0.01.  Ask your child about their experiences.

Tuesday November 6th

We are running out of time for returning field trip permission forms.  The trip to the Museum is on Thursday.  Please have the forms in tomorrow!

If you are interested in a Parent – Teacher Interview to discuss Progress Reports or anything else to do with your child’s schooling, there is a form that went home today to help with booking. I made ANOTHER calendar error and wrote Wednesday instead of Thursday for one of the dates.  It is Thursday!

Tomorrow is our weekly Library day.  Remember your books.


Monday November 5th

Today we discussed the November Precept: “Have no friends not equal to yourself.”  Ask your child to discuss what this precept means.

We continue to work on the idea of decimals to the hundredths column during math time.

In Social Studies we created definitions for different types of government.

Sorry for no posts on Thursday and Friday.  I was sick.

Wednesday October 31st

Photo Re-shoot Day will be December 5th.  If you are not happy with your pictures, you can reorder them then.

Today in math we used manipulative to represent decimals.  Take a look at some of our photos below.

Thank you, parents for sending in so many delicious treats for us to eat today!

Monday October 29th


Halloween Costumes – costumes are encouraged for Wednesday.  Please remember – no masks, weapons or fake blood.  If you are sending in treats – no nuts.  If you made the treats yourself please include a list of ingredients.  We have 26 students in the class this year.

Comic Con – Students are encouraged to do some comic book character research for Comic Con.  They can use the websites on the Superhero Origin slideshow in Google Drive.  They can also head to site like https://www.marvel.com/

We are learning about decimals in math right now. If you see any real life examples of decimals, please point them out to your child.

Thursday October 25th

Tomorrow is a PD Day – students do not come to school.  But teachers do.  So if you need to contact me, I will be at the school.

Check out more of our Human Body System Models.

Wednesday October 24th

Homework alert!  Any students that did not finish their blog today need to do so for homework tonight.  For today’s blog students are asking the question “Are Kevin’s friends good listeners?”  They are using examples from the text as well as our lesson on Paying Attention to answer the question.  Please see the photos below for more information.\

Tuesday October 23rd

Only 4 students did their Home Reading last night. 4!  Home Reading is an expectation for every night of the week.  I encourage everyone to set aside time to read as a family for those 20 minutes.

Today the Collins Crew began to work on Comic Con!  The 2nd Annual Frankin Comic Con is coming in late November.  Today students analyzed the text features of comic books and also used a web program to create their own superheroes.   It was a lot of fun.

In math we are looking at putting mixed and improper fractions in numerical order.



Monday October 22nd 

Happy Election Day – Please consider taking your child with you while you vote tonight.  It will be great for them to see how a polling station works.  If you have already voted today, please describe the process to your child.

Friday is a PD Day this week.

Our Human Body models are coming along nicely.  Check out some of the work that is already completed:

Friday October 19th

Home Binders went home today with the Friday Flash.  Please read them and sign the binder before returning it to school on Monday.

Next Friday is a PD Day.  I forgot to add that to the Friday Flash.

Today students worked on their Human Body System Models.  They are coming along nicely.  Any typing that is not yet finished needs to be completed this weekend.  I can print things off on Monday.


Wednesday October 17th

Can you believe we are halfway through the month of October already?

Today we spent time discussing equivalent fractions.  Ask your child to explain how we used pattern blocks to represent equal fractions.

If your child has not yet finished typing their science research, it needs to be done before Friday. Science projects are coming along nicely!

Tomorrow is the student vote!


Monday October 15th – Happy Birthday Mom!

We are holding a mock election on Thursday as part of the Student Vote program.  Today we began researching the candidates for Mayor of Kitchener.  Students can use this link to investigate further. I have instructed the students to ask their parents about who they plan to vote for and why.

Some students have some Human Body research to finish up.  They should use the Pebble Go app on the library website to help them.  They can also use the links that I shared with them on Google Drive.

Friday will be a spirit day at Franklin. Wear your school colours – black, red and gold.

Friday October 12th

Today we began our final projects for our science unit studying the Human Body.  Check out the following links to see the success criteria and examples of projects.

Human Body Model Examples

ABLE IEP Grade 5 Human Body Final Project

Grade 5 Human Body Final Project

We also did a lot of work today on Fractions.  Students used pattern block to make examples of Mixed Fractions and Improper Fractions.  Ask you child to explain to you what each of these pictures represents.



Thursday October 11th

Today was picture day.  Thank you to all who got dressed up.  If you brought in an order form today, or ordered online, your pictures should arrive in a few weeks time.  If you did not order today you will receive a sample in a few weeks time and can decided on ordering then.

Tomorrow we get the gym back!  How exciting.  Thank you to the hardworking construction crews.  The Library is also back in service.  We will attend next week.

Wednesday October 10th

We went to the KPL today!  Thank you so much to our parent volunteers.  We could not do it without you!

Books that were taken out today are due back on October 31st.  I can bring them back to the library for you if they are in my hands by the 29th of October.

The class did not show great listening skills on the trip today.  I would appreciate it if you could speak with your child about how to be a good listener on field trips.

Tuesday October 9th

Tomorrow is our field trip to the KPL.  Please dress for the weather. Bring a snack as lunch will not be until we get back at 1pm.  Bring a bag to hold your books in.

Thursday is picture day. Our picture time is 2:40pm.

Friday October 5th

You should find your child’s home binder in their bag today.

The students did the Terry Fox run it was FUN!

Monday is a holiday. Ya have fun because it is Thanksgiving!


Thursday October 4th

Tomorrow is the Terry Fox Run.  Please dress appropriately. 

Today we learned about the digestive system.  Ask your child to tell you the names of the organs and their functions.

Wednesday October 3rd

Today we learned MORE about Fractions

In Language the students posted their blogs about our Read Aloud Novel “Vote”

Today in art the students started doing  One Point Perspective Art

We still need parent volunteers for our trip to the KPL next week.  It is a free trip!

Tuesday October 2nd 

Today we learned more about Fractions and what makes them equal.

In Language we wrote our first blog entry after reading the first chapter of Vote.

In Science we did a review of the parts of the respiratory system.

Monday October 1st 

Terry Fox Run has been moved to Friday October 5th due to weather.

I made a mistake on the permission forms for the field trip.  The date is Wed. October 10th.

Pizza Day is tomorrow.

Home Reading begins tonight. Everyone has a green duotang in their backpacks.  Ask your child to show it to you.  The expectation is that reading is done for at least 20 minutes each night.  Parents initial the duotang to show that the reading was done.  Return the duotang to school each day.

Friday September 28th

HOMEWORK ALERT!!  For Homework this weekend, students need to explain to you how their model of the lungs works.  I have sent a parent evaluation sheet along with the models for you to use.  Students spent the end of the day practicing their explanations.

This picture will help students to practice:

Home Binders went home today, along with Field Trip Permission Forms for our trip to the Public Library.  There is no cost for this trip!

Thursday September 27th

Today we did a fun science experiment.  We created a model of a human lung.  The students really enjoyed making them breathe.  Look for the models to come home tomorrow.

Also – students worked hard to complete good copies of summaries that they wrote about stories we read in class.  Check out their work by asking them to log into their Google Drive accounts.

Check out this video for how the lung models were made.


Wednesday September 26th

The Wifi is working again!

Sorry for no update yesterday, but the wifi was out.  We are back on track now.

Today was an amazing day!!  The students really enjoyed the hands on math activitiy.  They created nets of 3D shapes using construction tiles and then turned the nets into the 3D shapes.  Check out these great images:




Monday September 24th

The Terry Fox Run scheduled for tomorrow has been postponed due to the expected rainfall.  It has been rescheduled for Oct 2nd.  Keep collecting those Toonies for Terry.

Tomorrow is crazy hair day.

Image result for crazy hair Image result for crazy hair

Today students learned how to sign out books from the virtual library.  They can head over to the library website and use the OVERDRIVE link.  They will need to know their student number to sign in.

Thursday September 20th

Tomorrow is a PD Day.  Students do not come to school.

There is a little bit of homework tonight.  Students have a math sheet in their Home Binders that deals with nets.  They are to indicate whether each net would create a prism or a pyramid. (Hint: Pyramids and Triangles go together in most cases)  On the backside of the sheet there are four clues.  Each clue matches one of the nets.  Students are to create their own clues for the remaining nets. (4)


Wednesday September 19th 

Today the students learned about the various parts and functions of the heart.

HTBW heart solutions GIF

Ask your child to tell you how many chambers are in the heart.

Tuesday September 18th

In Math today we sorted 3D figures based on their attributes.  Ask your child to explain what the terms Face, Edge and Vertices mean.

Tomorrow we are having our first Fire Drill of the year.

Friday is a PD Day.  Students do not come to school.

Monday September 17th

Today we began our first Health unit, analyzing the short and long term effects of alcohol use.

There are some students who need to complete some science work for homework tonight that was not completed during class time.

Friday September 14th 

Home Binders went home today.  Please read the Friday Flash, sign the signature page, and return the binder to school on Monday.

In the Binder you will find an application for a library card from the Kitchener Public Library.  We are going to be heading to the Central Location of the KPL on October 8th.  Please return applications as soon as possible.  I need to take them in at least a week before the trip.


Thursday September 13th

For homework tonight I want you to show your parents the library website: library.wrdsb.ca 

Explore the links on the page, specifically check out Over Drive, Capstone and Pebble Go.

Wednesday September 12th

Today we began our first Science Unit studying Human Organ Systems.  We began by talking about everything we know about the human body.  After we made a list of questions that we have about how our bodies work.

In Math today we talked about the concept of doubling.  More specifcially, how many times the number of school days will double.  Tomorrow will be our 8th day of school, and our third double day.  Students made predictions about how many times the number of school days would double in a school year.  Then, students figured our how many days old they were and how many times they had doubled in days over the course of their lives.  They made predictions about how many times their days would double over the course of their lives.

2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 4096, 8192, 16 384, 32 768, 65, 536 – These are the doubling numbers we came up with.


Tuesday September 11th

Please return the Data Verification forms that were sent home on the first day of school if you have not done so already.  Thank you.


*UPDATE* The answer was 10 201.  We used the formula (Case # + 1) squared.

The picture at the top shows a growing pattern. Today in math students visualised how the pattern might have grown. The image beneath is a T-Chart that shows patterns in how the pattern grows (There are patterns everywhere!) using numbers.  The question to think about for tomorrow is what would the 100th entry (case #) in the pattern be?  Today students speculated that it was 10 000 or 100 000.  The exciting answer tomorrow!

Monday September 10th

There will be NO Pizza Day tomorrow.  I will keep you updated about when that program will begin.

 This is Pascal’s Triangle.  For Homework tonight, please explain to your parents some of the patterns that we found in this triangle today during math time.

Friday September 7th

Today students will be bringing home their Home Binder.  Please click the Friday Flash tab at the top of the page to learn more about the binder.

Ask your child to show you some of the patterns that we discovered in this visual representation of the numbers 1 – 35. What would 36 look like?  What is special about 1, 7, 11, 13, 17 and 19?

Ask your child to show the pattern trick when adding and multiplying numbers in a square using this hundreds chart.  For example 1 + 12 and 2 + 11, 1 x 12 and 2 x 11.

 We all see 7 dots, but how do you count them?  In this image we see 2 + 3 + 2. What other ways can you total the dots?


Wednesday September 5th

Today the students in the Collins Crew did a Math activity called Four 4s.  The idea was to use the number 4 four times in an equation.  The equation needed to equal the numbers from 1 – 20.  Check out of results above.  We did not find some of the possible answers.  Students are encouraged to look for more answers tonight. They can use the number 4 four times and any math operation, like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Students can also be creative and use fractions or square roots.

  Welcome to the Home of the Collins Crew.  

The Collins Crew are an elite group of grade 5 students at Franklin Public School in Kitchener, Ontario.  They work hard, they have fun and they are successful.

Students in this classroom have a Growth Mindset and always strive to do their best.

We are going to have a very successful year!

Check out the following presentation to learn more about the expectations for the classroom.

 Welcome to Room 10

Students in the Collins Crew have a Growth Mindset.  Check out the following video to learn more about Growth Mindsets.

TED Talk Growth Mindset

The Power of Yet – This video, and the ones that follow, go along with our work on Growth Mindsets:

The Nations of the World is a song we are learning to show perseverance and a Growth Mindset.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytKIX45JP7s – This version of Nations of the World has extra verses that update the song to the year 2016.

This is a video of the Canadian National Anthem in French.  The lyrics are included to help you learn.  It is an expectation that students in this classroom can sing the National Anthem in English and in French.