Course Outline:  MPM2DI Course Outline 2019 – 2020

Unit 0:  Review of Grade 9 Essential Skills

PART A:  Analytic Geometry:

Unit 1:  Solving Problems Using Linear Systems
Unit 2:  Analytic Geometry

PART B:  Quadratic Relations
At this time, the Board of Education has asked that we do not have students working on course work.  This week (Apr. 6 – 9) I will be contacting each of you by email and developing a plan to move forward with course content.  Please revisit this website on Apr. 14th (after the Easter Weekend).

Unit 3:  The Algebra of Quadratics
Unit 4:  Graphing Quadratic Relations
Unit 5:  Solving Problems using Quadratic Models

PART C:  Trigonometry

Unit 6:  Similar Triangles  and Trigonometry
Unit 7:  Similar Triangles

Final Exam Review Page