As we try to move forward in this ever-changing environment, many of you are looking for direction regarding your current courses.

Most importantly, be safe.  Stay at home, unless absolutely necessary.  Use social media for social interactions.  Use trusted websites or newscasts for up to date and accurate information regarding the best ways to keep yourself and family healthy (not twitter!).

I will keep posting lessons/completed lessons on my class websites – just like if you were absent from a class – keep copying lessons, trying the work and checking your answers.    I will get some video links for you as well, to give you another method of learning the material.

The website has some resources as well.  The last time I checked, Data Management has a portal and the content is applicable to what we will be doing in class.  You may want to review some of the previous units as well, so that you don’t get rusty!  Unfortunately, it looks like the Grade 10 Academic Math does not have a portal at this time and I’m not sure when they are able to get one active.  I’ll post links to the University of Waterloo’s CEMC course supports for 2DI on the webpage.

I am available by email for any questions, concerns or just to talk if you need to!

Take care!

Hopefully, I’ll see you soon.

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