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Please send a pair of headphones or earbuds to be kept at school for your child’s use with technology.


News to Share:

Picture Day is coming! October 21st, individual photos will be taken. All students and staff will have their photos taken. No money or orders will be collected until AFTER PICTURE DAY. Proofs will be then sent home to families and orders can be made online. All students, whether they’re purchasing photos or not, will receive a class composite photo at no charge. This composite will replace class photos. Click here to see an example of a class composite. Each child will be “featured” on their personal class composite.

The school will be holding an October drive in support of www.truenorthaid.ca, an organization that supports Northern Canadians with practical humanitarian support. We will be collecting menstrual products for northern communities in Ontario, Quebec and Nunavut. If you would like to donate to our drive, we will be collecting menstrual pads, tampons, cloth pads, hot water bottles, and heating pads during the month of October. These items can be dropped off outside the main office.

Important Dates:

There are lots of celebrations this month. October is Dyslexia Awareness Month, mIslamic Heritage Month, 2SLGBTQIA History Month, Child Abuse prevention Month, Learning Disabilities Awareness Month, Women’s History Month, Latin American Heritage Month and German Heritage Month

Sept 26 – Oct 5 – Our Hindu families are celebrating Navaratri

Oct 2 – Custodial Appreciation Day

Oct 4 – 5 – Our Jewish families are celebrating Yom Kippur

Oct 5 – World Teachers Day

Oct 7 – 8 – Our Islamic families are celebrating Mawlid

Oct 7 – 15 – Our Hindu families are celebrating Navaratri

Oct 9 – 16 – Our Jewish families are celebrating Sukkot

Oct 10 – Thanksgiving (No School on Monday)

Oct 12 – Coronation School Council Meeting open to all

Oct 12 – 13 – Our Hindu families are celebrating Karva Chauth

Oct 15 – Library Workers Day

Oct 16 – 18 – Our Jewish families are celebrating Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah

Oct 18 – DECE Appreciation Day

Oct 19 – School Bus Driver Appreciation Day

Oct 21 – Picture Day

Oct 24 – Our Hindu, Jain, Sikh, and Newar Buddhist families are celebrating Diwali

Oct 24 – PD Day & Municipal Election

Oct 27 – Wear Purple in support of children’s rights

Oct 28 – Spirit Day “-er Day” – dress as your favourite ‘-er’ word (baker, teacher, singer, gamer, construction worker, Earth lover, etc.) & Spirit Assembly

Oct 31 – Halloween – wear orange and black and purple

Oct 31 – Our Wiccan and Neopagan families are celebrating Samhain