September 2019

Teacher:  Ms. Gwen Bradley

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My family went to Tobermory this summer and somehow, I was persuaded to try high rope climbing.  Scary, man.


Greetings students!  I am pleased to meet you.  Want to find out what’s going on in your class?  Check out the link above for the class to which you belong.

On this page, you will find links to general information for all English students and other great moments in lit.


Word Crimes?

Ah yes, those are those really bad grammar mistakes that make us English teachers cringe.  Check out Weird Al Yankovic’s take on Word Crimes.

Do you know Goodreads?

I’ve become a fan of the site Goodreads.  Want to figure out what to read next?  Check here.

Worship the Bard!

Worship the Bard!

We love you, William!

Check out this link to the Folger Library, a vast Shakespeare resource.