Accessing MathUP

Hello Parents and Guardians,

This year our classroom has been selected to pilot a new online mathematics learning environment called MathUP.

The pilot program means we have early access to this resource, extra support from Learning Services, and an awesome chance to try something new before everyone else. So far, it’s been phenomenal!

Part of the MathUP program allows students (and parents) to access all the same content that we do at school, from home.

This means you can login at home to review lessons, work ahead, or practice skills using some of the math games created by the program.

It’s pretty awesome.

To login, visit MathUP and use the information below.

Username: LittleClass
Password: MUPclass@2017

Once you log in, make sure you set the Path to Path A. This year we’re starting with Patterning and then moving into Representing Whole Numbers. If you don’t select the right path you’ll see the topics out of order and it won’t match how we’re learning in the classroom.

So far, I’m really impressed with MathUP. Our lessons have been incredibly rich and dynamic and I’m excited to be able to give access to students and parents to learn more at home.

If you have any questions, please reach out!

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