Coding Starts Next Week!

Today, we spent some time exploring Scratch, a computer programming platform perfect for students.

Scratch allows students to create their own computer programs online. The site can be accessed on any laptop, Chromebook, or desktop computer. Unfortunately, it’s not available on tablets just yet.

Next week we’re going to create our own accounts and begin to work on a computer program as part of our Geometry unit in Math.

The goal of our programming will be to get a character in a game to move around a grid and perform translations, flips, and reflections; all part of our Geometry curriculum.

Students do not need an account to start exploring the environment but we will be creating accounts next week so our work will be saved and can be shared. Anyone who’d like to create an account in advance should use their WRDSB Google e-mail address to create the account—and make sure use a password you won’t forget we’ll need to use it next week.

Happy coding!


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